Quality PVC and ALU front doors PVC Nagode

The front door is the focal point and core of your home.

In comparison to windows, front doors usually weigh more than windows and are used more often; therefore, it’s important they are made of high-quality and reliable elements. Only high-tech and high-quality materials guarantee reliable opening and closing, thereby achieving superior value and adequate security.

Together with the right filling, your door stay attractive and has lasting value. PVC Nagode front doors provide everything you need: safety, energy efficiency, and attractive appearance.

PVC Nagode has been producing quality, safe, and attractive doors for fifteen years. We manufacture PVC and ALU custom-made front doors in various designs, colors, and sizes.

The front door is the first and most noticeable element on the façade of a house. Therefore, it is important to choose the design and color of the front door carefully, because this has a significant impact on the appearance and character of your house.

Beside being a physical barrier, a front door also signifies a mental barrier between the often stressful outside world and the safety and coziness of your home. When we return home after a hard day’s work, we want to relax and enjoy in the safety of our homes. If you decide for PVC Nagode front doors and windows, you will definitely create a safe and cozy atmosphere in your house, and ensure minimal energy consumption and great protection against burglars.

Standard equipment includes:


High security is already guaranteed with standard equipment, however, if you want greater comfort, you can also decide for a fingerprint door lock.

Take a look at other possibilities for metal fittings and accessories.


You can choose between two profiles of ALU front door and one profile of PVC front door.

PVC profile K70
ALU profile D72
ALU profile D72 PLUS

In case of front door with glazing, you can choose between the following types of decorative glazing:

Chincilla white

Ornament 504 white

Silwit white

Kathedral white

Satinato white

Delta white


Mastercarre white

Masterpoint white

Gothik white


Madras Uadi white


The following types of front doors PVC Nagode are available:

Type 01

Type 02

Type 03

Type 04

Type 05

Type 06

Type 07

Type 08

Type 09

Type 21

Type 22

Type 23

Type 24

Type 25