Exterior Venetian blinds


Exterior Venetian blinds Roltek allow you to regulate light levels and can be used in several different ways. However, they do not provide as good thermal insulation as roller shutters.

Unlike roller shutters, exterior Venetian blinds allow you to regulate light levels. With blinds, you can enjoy the natural light and, at the same time, shade the window to such an extent that overheating due to direct sunlight is avoided. The blinds are available in a variety of colors and designs, and with several different operating systems. With exterior Venetian blinds, buildings will look modern; they are suitable for both residential and commercial buildings.

The new generation of exterior Venetian blinds HERO is the result of years of research and work of Slovenian experts for shading systems. They provide a useful combination of roller shutters with solar shading qualities and the modern appearance of exterior blinds. Slats are available in two designs: P and S. While designing the HERO slats, combinations of shading systems on a building were given special attention, therefore, the slats have a special shape when closed, reminding of roller shutters.


PVC Nagode offers and installs three designs of exterior Venetian blinds.


Outdoor Venetian blinds HERO.1 and HERO.1X


Outdoor blinds HERO.1 feature several advantages of roller shutters because the entire mounting process is carried out at once, no matter if the blinds are visible or hidden under plaster. What is more, the HERO.1X design allows the installation of an integrated insect screen. Special two-part rails have a special design, ensuring that no screw is visible after the mounting. This guarantees an attractive appearance of your home and makes it safer because the screws cannot be unscrewed.

Outdoor Venetian blinds HERO.2


Outdoor blinds HERO.2 are suitable for new buildings as well as existing ones. You can choose between seven designs, four of them being for visible mounting and three of them for under-plaster mounting. If you decide for under-plaster mounting, the installation process is carried out in two parts. First, the brackets are installed, while the rails and slats are added at a later time. Standard rails are made of aluminum, measuring 20 x 20 mm in size. You can also decide for under-plaster rails.

Outdoor Venetian blinds HERO.5


If you are building a new house, you will be thrilled with the new top mounted blinds HERO.5. This is a system containing a box made of polyurethane foam with excellent insulating properties. The HERO.5 system is the easiest way to combine roller shutters and Venetian blinds on the same building because it allows you to install either roller shutters or Venetian blinds in the box. You can also decide to install an integrated insect screen, which will ensure maximum comfort.

The cabinet and the outside blinds systems are available in 8 standard colors, in addition to the standard colors you can choose between over 220 color shades from the RAL scale. HERO P and HERO S are available in all types of HERO blinds.


White (matt)


Gray (matt)


Silver (matt)


RAL 9007 (matt)


DB 703 (st)


RAL 7016 (matt)


Dark chocolate (matt)


Bright chocolate (matt)

Color options HERO P  and HERO S:


White (matt)


Gray (matt)


RAL 9007




DB 703


RAL 7016


Dark chocolate