Insect screens protect you from insects and make sure you sleep peacefully through the night. They also improve the appearance of your windows.


The annoying sound of mosquitoes in the bedroom can be avoided by installing insect screens. Thanks to their quality designs, insect screens PVC Nagode ensure the sustainability of your investment. They can be integrated as a standalone product or as an addition to external window shades. You can obtain them in combination with roller shutters, Venetian blinds, and external blinds.


Insect screens are available in a variety of designs, colors, and sizes, which are described in detail below.

Integrated insect screens
Fixed insect screens
Hinged insect screens
Rolling insect screens
Integrated insect screens
Pleated insect screens

  • Integrated into a shutter box
  • CLICK system
  • Vertical raising and lowering

  • Standalone aluminium profile
  • Easy installation and removal
  • Easy cleaning

  • Magnetic and swinging versions
  • Open like doors
  • You can also install a door for your pet

  • Small standalone box
  • CLICK system
  • Vertical and horizontal roll-up systems

  • Suitable for large-sized windows and patio doors
  • Various attaching methods
  • Perfect for passages
  • Can be integrated under shades
  • Available in one, two, or three sliding parts

  • The latest insect screen systems
  • Suitable for very large windows and patio doors
  • They open like pleated blinds